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Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing mind games...

While here in Boise I got to learn a new game, and play one of my favorites. The first is Guitar Hero. Click on the link to learn more about the game...I'm too tired to try and explain it.

Here is the Mrs. schooling me in Guitar Hero.
The Mrs. plays much better than she thinks...
I look like an idiot - and play like one too!
My cousin Brent is really good - but is willing to pose for me!

The classic fave (and sadly, the season finale was tonight) was National Bingo Night!! The Commissioner was in fine form - and even had some special spirit fingers when he said, "NO BINGO!" But the best part was that all the Bergs played along, too!! It was a whole lot of merrymaking.
These are my feet and my losing Red Cards - but with the White Cards -
I was ONE AWAY!! So close...until next time Commissioner...

Brent is so excited!! Will he be a winner?

The Crockpot is either having really great time - or a really awful time. You be the judge.

The Crockpot checks Reagan's card for a Bingo

A really great Friday!


Trixie L'Amour said...

Miss Five, A fickle fan? Guitar hero over Match Game? Sunil, the commissioner over Gene Rayburn??? tsk...and more pictures of Reagan, please.....

G said...

I was in St Louis visiting my bro and they have Guitar Hero - omg! SO cool, SO addictive! Nice blog.