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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I know what you need!

Friends - the best new food product is from the good people at Trader Joe's. They, of course, make their own version of the Oreo, called Joe Joes. Seth Malley introduced me to them this summer and I couldn't be more grateful. Know this: they aren't healthier or anything - they are just really good.

And in the spririt of Christmas they have added candy cane to these glorious cookies. And I love them. And you will too. Cocoa and candy cane perfectly balanced in every bite. Pair this up with a glass of Southern Comfort Egg Nog and you've got a Christmas miracle in your mouth!!

Feliz Nabiblah!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

With a name like Roscoe, you'd better be good at something.

Tonight while sitting with my mother (as she recuperates) we were watching the evening news - specifically the sports coverage. The local guy, Ron Pivo, is kind of a jackass. He's much more snarky than I think the sports coverage in Portland needs. We only have a professional basketball team and a few interesting college sports teams. Many of his comments were just slams - even when the player or team was doing things right...including the quote that is the title of this post.

Roscoe Parrish is a player for the Buffalo Bills - and today he had a great play...but Ron Pivo's "With a name like Roscoe, you'd better be good at SOMEthing..." just blew me away. It made me laugh - and then feel bad for all the Roscoe's out there that may not be good at something. Also...Ron Pivo just might be a douche.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Piece of cake?

Maybe I'm mixing my metaphors here, but I made my first homemade pumpkin pie on Wednesday. And can I just say how easy it was? I'm not sure why folks freak out about pies - but the crust recipe from my grandma is so easy and SO good. I will say that I was very intimidated and nervous about it - but it was flaky and the right thickness - and I'll say it - really good. I did a good job. I, too, was surprised at how good it turned out.

In other news - my mom's surgery went great. She came home Wednesday afternoon and has been resting. Sadly, this morning she had a small stroke. At this point we do feel that while yes, it's crappy timing, they aren't related. A blood clot would have caused some very different symptoms. But she is resting now and doing much better - even after her stroke this morning.

Thanksgiving was different this year. Sitting around my parent’s bed eating dinner is informal to say the least. The food turned out well - and we are all very grateful. So there you go.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Muppet Serendipity

I've had such a great but mysterious relationship with the Muppets. When I was a kid the idea of a program "schedule" or "days of the week" seemed to boggle me and I would often wake up and hope that today was the day The Muppet Show would be airing. It was such fortuitous luck that would connect the Fraggles or Muppets and myself. Eventually I figured out when they would be on - but by then the show had been cancelled and so there I was in that creek with out my paddle.

Over the years this element of surprise has given me many unexpected and fleeting moments of joy - like two nights ago when I caught a special on TBS called Puppet Up!. It was a show at the comedy festival in Las Vegas that had Muppet performers doing improv. It was also uncensored. So basically we had Who's Line Is It Anyway meets Avenue Q. Good, good, dirty times.

I hoped I might be able to catch it again - but Marfa (our TiVo) cannot find the title with any upcoming showings. It was funny and disturbing and I hope they show it again so you can all share.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A time to prepare and a time to slack...

This weekend has been about the preparation for the upcoming week. A big one by any standard with Thanksgiving coming up...but we've also got my mother headed for a Tuesday surgery and overnight hospital stay. This means that so many things have to be cleaned and in order so that while we are a recovery ward for the next two weeks, life will just roll along.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who is like this - but if I know there is housework to be done...I can't just relax while dirty dishes just sit there. My final year at BYU made this element of my personality very clear. I was living with half man/half beast Eve Spear, who was a slob. She would cook, but leave the dishes all over the house (and when you're living in a hobbit hole that clutters up the place VERY quickly) and given the opportunity would leave them for days at a time. Each day I would come home from work or school or rehearsal and would have to clean up the kitchen. I didn't spend much time in the living room - despite all the furnishings being mine - because that would mean I would have to clean that room before I could enjoy being in it. I couldn't read or work on anything if the dishes in the sink were dirty and had been since the morning.

After months of her filthy habits, I couldn't stand it. I tried to just leave the dishes because I figured eventually they could gross her out enough to clean them. And I figured wrong. So, thanks to Josh, a dirty casserole dish ended up in her bed...and it was clean the next day. I think she did get the hint that I was unimpressed with her household hygiene and she did make an effort to be cleaner. But even in the end, I never did get my security deposit back from the Shire, because she was the last to vacate the property and it was not clean enough for Old Man Withers who owned the place.

So I pose this question: When told to put "first things first" - what do you do? For me it's to make sure the kitchen is clean, and then my bedroom and bathroom. Because if I know those places are in order - I can face just about anything. What about you?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He'll get by with a little help from his friends

Geoffrey had his two wisdom teeth removed yesterday. He was very apprehensive about the whole procedure but he sailed through the whole thing and is recovering very quickly. I'm so glad it hasn't been a traumatic thing for him - so many people have awful experiences with oral surgery. But what we did discover is that he is so happy and emotionally gushing when he's high. The pain meds they gave him were rockin' and he thought everything and everyone around him was "AWESOME!!"

I really did toy with the idea of recording him in is stoned state - but I'll be honest, he didn't do anything that would be embarrassing beyond being super loud. He was so kind and thrilled to be alive - and I think we could all take a little of THAT medicine now and again.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I looked out the window and what did I see?

It has been super rainy here in Portland...and oh, my, do I love it!! Flooding is a sad side effect - but otherwise I love it!! I was called to be the Primary Chorister today and will be starting next week. I must say I'm pretty excited and must equally sad to say that I will be missing Relief Society. I never thought I would say that last part!!

I filled in teaching the Mia Maids today. It was crazy as I've known most of these girls since they were 3 or 4 years old. And only one of them was wearing flip-flops to church today, so BONUS! And the lesson was super short due to all other factors running long in time...and they were setting apart the new class presidency. The lesson was about having the courage to try new things...so I gave them a handout (of course I did) with this quote:

"A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are built for."

The girls in the class were really great and despite not using even half of the things I'd prepared - I think the lesson went very well.

And I will just say this: I'm so glad that I am NO LONGER a young woman...cuz...wow.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

This one is for Becky.

I've started a blog update several times - but with so much pressure for clever or funny or whatever that I've made it into a thing. So here we go.

I've gotten back into the rhythm of being home. My London trip was amazing and moving and life changing. I do look forward to going back someday. I am also so glad to be home and doing all the mundane things that I'm sure I'll be sick of so soon (but I'm still enjoying now).

I am so reveling in the weather of Oregon. We've had some really blustery days and it's glorious. But hooray for global warming that will most likely give us very little snow and ice through the winter. (HOLY CRAP I'm talking about the weather)

I've revamped my two classes that weren't fulfilled in Europe, so I'm reading a lot of French plays and trying to make sense of some of them. I'm writing papers and working very hard to to not procrastinate the previously listed tasks. The newest diversion is watching The West Wing. In my defense of watching the first season in 36 hours is that I'm trying to fill the whole that was left in the cosmos by not having a Studio 60 on Monday night.

Halloween was a little disappointment as we didn't have very many tricksters to visit our spooky porch. But we did have a spooky porch, complete with fog machine and scary music.

I'm currently reviewing my Fall goals:
Try: sewing a skirt
STATUS: no progress
See: Wicked...despite not liking a majority of the soundtrack and everyone being shocked that I'm not really interested in seeing it.
STATUS: so I lied. I still haven't seen it...nor will I.
Taste: more curries and Indian food
STATUS: well...I'm not sure how to go about testing foods that may set my internal organs on fire.
Listen To: NPR for a week - despite my normal aversion to talking on the radio
STATUS: I'm starting to wonder why I made these stupid goals...but no I haven't done this one either.
Visit: my Uncle's Aunt in Paris
STATUS: whoops.
Start: making Christmas gifts so they can be mailed on time
STATUS: I've got a list and am checking it twice.
Stop: hitting the snooze button
STATUS: WHEW! I did this one (since I don't set an alarm anymore - har har!)
Organize:an actual play library - instead of just buying a copy when I need it
STATUS: Seriously, what was I thinking?!
Read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
STATUS: In progress
Play: euchre
STATUS: I hope that this will be accomplished at the New Year when I visit the Malleys. So, at least I've got a plan, right?
Learn: about the history of Portland
STATUS: UHG. I'll work on reading books on this topic instead of books by Terry Pratchett.

So that's all for now...I guess it wasn't that big a "Thing" but now I've updated and can do so much more frequently.