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Monday, March 31, 2008

Make me crazy...

This bookshelf would make me crazy...
In fact...I think I'm getting hives just looking at it...

For Seth...

Do they have a "lefty" bracelet?

I think this is lovely and creative. And I just hope they have a left-handed scissor bracelet...

Don't come crying to me...

So - all of you parents of little kids - you just thank your lucky stars. Because a 55 year old having a temper tantrum is WAY worse than your kid fitting out in the grocery store. I'm not kidding.

In case you're wondering, she's upset about her pedometer. It doesn't work, apparently. But really - I was laughing too hard to get the details. What you've just seen is the last minute of a four minute experience.

Such a nice evening...

Tonight - Dad mowed the lawn...He's good at mowing lawns...
That lantern stand is really stuck in there, huh?
Our grass was way tall. It's not now.

After Mark got his chores done, we ate dinner and watched The Bee Movie. Then we all played Bingo. And none of us won anything. But not to worry - it's on EVERY NIGHT this week. Sweet.

Oh hold me: Bingo is Back!!

Good news! The Game Show Network is premiering Bingo America tonight. Head over and print your bingo cards so that you can play along at home!! Oh, and make sure you have the Game Show Network. Maybe you should reverse those steps.

I've printed mine!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Can anyone tell me...

...what "orlon" and "dynel" are?! I feel like I'm on the Carousel of Progress...

ALMOST "Cracked Out"

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
And I don't even DRINK coffee!

I want this room...

And I don't care if there is a giant mirror opposite the bed...

Start book club...CHECK.

Last night was the first official meeting of the Northwest Book Club (NWBC) and I will say that it was a RIP ROARING SUCCESS!! The discussion was lively and insightful (since everyone had read the whole book) and the food was just suh-good! In case you'd missed it, we read Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. Everyone was asked to bring food on based on the theme of: "food we love or food with franks." As you can see folks did a great job of covering all the bases.
Kourtney reveals her from scratch hot dog cookies
She designed and built them herself. And they tasted good, too!
No book club is complete without Mr. Boston - thanks, Craigs!
Kourtney and Debbie...before we really get going
Josh, Petie, Kourtney, Eric, and Debbie - and thank you Eric, for trying to keep your hands to yourself.
A cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue - and you could dip breads and crackers and apples and bananas and Joe-Joes. Debbie brought lil smokies in bar-b-que sauce - and there were no smokies left at the end of the night. Seriously - so much good food and such great company. Don't you want to join us?! Of course you do! Feel free to send me an e-mail if you'd like to join the NWBC...

April NWBC

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This year Easter sure was great. The children I work with in Primary sang the opening hymn - and I was very proud to be part of that. They were so bright and happy and rejoicing - perfect for an Easter service.

After church we had some naps and then prepared our contributions for a lovely Easter dinner with friends. The dinner was delish and then after sharing a spiritual Easter message, we played Charades and had some sock sumo wrestling and finished up the evening with Two Truths and a Lie. It certainly wasn't easy to come up with lies with your family sitting there - but I do think we learned a lot of really cool things about our friends.I love the yellows of Spring!

Meat Cereals

This cracked me up...I just wonder what they would do with Special K?

Sub gems...

Last Wednesday
Brad: "Wow! You're my best friend!"

Me: "REALLY?!"

Brad: "No."

Last Thursday
Brad: "In my dream there was a vampire trying to get me - and it was YOU! But it was old."

Me: "I'm not old?"

Brad: "No. Just a vampire."

Poetry night...

I found this really great poetry idea as done by Austin Kleon - blackout poetry. It should seem pretty obvious what you do...but what you do is choose an article from the newspaper - and just select words from the article to make a poem.

Three things I like about this...
1. Sometimes making poems is hard...and this really simplifies the process. Could be a fun get together activity...I'm just sayin'.

2. Recycling newspapers is SO hot right now. Go green or go home...or something...

3. Most importantly: this project requires Sharpies.
Some really great wallpapers can be found here


Oh my word - so overdue is this post. Letting three weeks pass after seeing such a mind-blowing show is just rude. Rude.I was so fortunate to see Cirque de Soliel's new touring show Corteo. And I loved it. LUH-HOVED it. Amazing and beautiful acrobatics and gymnastics and juggling. Lots of traditional "circus" acts - with a lovely storyline and stunning music. The music is so great and very Cirque without being TOO funky...you know what I mean?

My favorite part was when Valentina (a little person) was floated around in this contraption:
The old man and Valentina did some funny bits - but then she was floated out over the audience and it was lovely and delightful and awe-inspiring. So many times I realized I was sitting there like a cod fish, with my mouth hanging open...but seriously. That's what this show did to me. My friend Shannon invited me to go and we had AMAZING seats. So close to the stage but with enough room to look back and see the big picture and stare at the technical elements. Thank you, Shannon.

Top Chef...

I'm quite delighted that Top Chef is back...and Chicago seems like a great place to be holding it. The first week it was good to see the whiny mopey girl gone first. Seriously - what was her deal?! The best was the fact that she said the deal breaker words for ANY reality competition show: "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to win." And when she said that I said to my folks - she will be GONE. That compounded with her SERIOUSLY lame personality had her gone. NICE. Sadly, then the next week they lost Rachel Dratch's younger sister...but this week I was actually more sad to see Eric go - since he was good TV. But really - he was never super great - and more often found that his cooking in the competitions was just blah. So I'm glad he's back in his world doing his cooking. And I hope this means that Spike will then stop borrowing that stupid grey hat.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can you tell?

So - clearly, my time at the world's most boring job ended...and I'm back to subbing full time. And I have worked every day this week...which means I'm not sitting in front of a computer all day, trying to think of things to share. Instead my days are filled - and with funny things that are said and exciting things that happen.

This week has been crazy busy - and I will have plenty to post about - once I get the time.

Look forward to hearing about:
- Steaks the size of your head - and other dramas
- Cirque du Soleil
- Cold soup and good friends
- A battle of the books
- Being the minder of two teen aged folks
- Adventures in many different classrooms

But since I'm about to slip into a coma - I'll leave you with this gem from today:

Today in the Lunchroom, while sitting at the first grader's table:

Boy One: (shaking a hot dog) I'M EATING THIS WIENER!!
Boy Two: (to Boy One, shaking his head) That's unappropriate.

It was awesome. And so was this week. And yes, that kid DID eat that wiener.


Today is my aunt Deeder's birthday - she's awesome and funny and clever and modest and talented and has a wicked smile. She has eyes that listen and are respectful and clear and can cut through to the heart of the matter. She works hard and has many skills and interests. She helped me not fear bees. She makes me laugh, a lot. I love her.
Happy Birthday, Deeder!! I love you!