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Friday, December 28, 2012

35 by 35

At some point in the last few months I realized that I had all these ideas of things I wanted to do - or at least say that I had TRIED to do - but they were just ideas floating around.  Loving lists the way that I do, I assembled my 35 by 35 list. So, dear friends and random interwebbers, I present to you 35 things that I want to do before I turn 35.  I have a handy countdown on my phone that tells me I have 586 days to attempt and accomplish the following:

1 . help someone on the side of the road
2 . go on a Disney cruise
3 . see a Broadway show
4 . shop at J.Crew for a dress
5 . watch a Harry Potter marathon
6 . spend a day with a Vespa, seeing and exploring
7 . complete the Warrior Dash
8 . go on a picnic in a park
9 . have my hair in a beehive hairdo
10 . attend an event wearing a fabulous big hat
11 . take a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago
12 . attend high tea at The Drake
13 . confidently roller skate for 15 minutes
14 . learn to play the ukulele
15 . go 21 days without complaining
16 . learn 3 hymns on the piano
17 . learn to french braid hair
18 . attend a TED event
19 . get better at applying eyeliner and mascara
20 . learn to play the cello
21 . memorize 50 scriptures
22 . fill in 10 more names in my family history
23 . finish my Master's degree
24 . build and enjoy a giant slip'n'slide
25 . make a good lemon meringue pie
26 . have an "underground" dining experience
27 . ride a zip line
28 . spend a whole day reading
29 . buy groceries for someone in need
30 . go Zorbing
31 . learn to make 5 different balloon animals
32 . work on a Habitat for Humanity home
33 . successfully make Plain Cookies 
34 . learn 3 slight of hand magic tricks
35 . participate in The Color Run/Walk

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ice Lanterns...et al.

There are going to be more blog posts coming.  There's all kinds of random stuff I've been saving until I had the time to sit down and check spelling and make sure links worked - and - now...the time has arrived.  Be prepared for stuff like this:

Aren't these lovely?!  Wouldn't you just gasp if you arrived at a soiree and these lined the walk? Yes, you would.  Don't lie.  Learn how to make your own here from Susan of Oh My! Creative


Have you ever played Silent Football?  One summer, while working at Camp Namanu, Spam taught us all how to play and on dark days, it STILL makes me laugh.  Customary tip of the hat!  Customary SWOOP!


 I just love this.  The quote is from Elsie de Wolfe

I know you've just been waiting around - wondering when you'll have a whole bunch of random things to look at.  More is on the way.