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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ice Lanterns...et al.

There are going to be more blog posts coming.  There's all kinds of random stuff I've been saving until I had the time to sit down and check spelling and make sure links worked - and - now...the time has arrived.  Be prepared for stuff like this:

Aren't these lovely?!  Wouldn't you just gasp if you arrived at a soiree and these lined the walk? Yes, you would.  Don't lie.  Learn how to make your own here from Susan of Oh My! Creative


Have you ever played Silent Football?  One summer, while working at Camp Namanu, Spam taught us all how to play and on dark days, it STILL makes me laugh.  Customary tip of the hat!  Customary SWOOP!


 I just love this.  The quote is from Elsie de Wolfe

I know you've just been waiting around - wondering when you'll have a whole bunch of random things to look at.  More is on the way.

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Beej said...

Ooooooooh m'gosh I love your blog and I need it to live!!