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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fastest week ever...

It's crazy to think that a week ago we were flying to Utah and now we're back and I've got a cold. YEAH! If you want to stay caught up with Elder Taylor, go to his mission blog

Not a lot of news or anything really going on here in Beaverton. The Oscars were fine - more fun because Eric was over at the house watching them with us. We're finally getting back into a routine. Being sick doesn't bode well for a normal week - especially because I've called in sick today!

I'm sad because Studio 60 is on a very sketchy hiatus which looks like the show's been sent to a farm where it can play with other shows just like it. I am way behind in my TV watching and with all my school reading - don't think I'll be caught up any time soon.

It's been snowing here today - but still to wet and just warm enough for it not to stick. I'm going to have to venture to the store for a keg of orange juice.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's a done deal!

Oh - I cannot tell you how relieved I am to be at this end of the day! So much worry about so many things - and now we're all done and the relief is amazing!! We had such a great experience dropping Geoff off at the MTC today. We got to the MTC about a half an hour early and got to enjoy their well oiled machine. The great parking guys helped with getting the bags unloaded and then into the lobby, to get the meal card and have Mom put his name tag on for the first time. (Someone should have warned us about THAT!!)Actually, this is loading the luggage from at the hotel...
Getting an explanation about how the meal ticket works and wearing the orange dot...
The sister with the seam rippers - opening the pockets of hundreds of new suits
He's official now!!

After a few final pictures, we walked down the hall and found our assembly room and sat and waited. Man, does the MTC crowd love their LDS "Isn't it about time" commercials, which is what they show while you wait. Then the meeting began with one of the fastest renditions of "Called to Serve" I've ever heard. It would have been great if I could have sung - but the tears were too much! Ah well. After the Mission President and his wife spoke, they showed us the "Called to Serve" video, which is 20 years old, but still a tear jerker. Then a prayer was said, and we said our final good-byes. Tears were shed, but we were not sad or wishing we could take him home with us. He's where he's supposed to be and is going to be awesome.

Of course we're still worried that he is eating well and sleeping well and that he's got a good companion and...and....and...but we're good. And I'm sure he's good too.

This is it...

The morning has arrived - and we're in Provo...we've had breakfast and are slowly getting ready for the day. Taking our boy to the MTC today will be quite a challenging experience. Our travel thus far has been great. 1:00 p.m. is the final moment...and then...that's all she wrote!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pack it up, move it out!

We are just about there. The farewell is done. The open house is done. We've washed one gazillion white shirts. Good-byes and well wishes have poured into our home. Monday is the day of last minute shopping and then at 9:00 p.m. he will be officially set apart. (Which means we won't be able to watch Studio 60 until we get home from Utah.)

We love our boy and are so excited for this next adventure for him and for us! It's hard to think that at 3:00 a.m. he won't be up playing golf video games or coming home late from work. Wednesday will be rough - but we know how great these next two years will be.

Friday, February 16, 2007

How's the serenity?

I've seen a lot of graphic design and a lot of really cool websites...but my new favorite is Jonathan Yuen's. Wow. The music is serene and his graphic narrative is short and elegant. I would love to steal a picture from his site to display here, but it's all part of the effect on his site, so go...go there now!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A new love for Valentine's Day

My newest love is StumbleUpon. This cool program adds a button to your browser tool bar and based on your preferences will find great websites they think they'll enjoy. This button brings a whole new level to killing time surfing the Interweb. I love finding new websites - things I never would have searched for.

Now of course adding the StumbleUpon button to my toolbar meant getting a new tool bar. I am also SO in love with Firefox because it actually works with Blogger like nobody's business. I am so grateful for Design Mom who so willingly shared her tech savvy with her faithful readers. I don't think I would have had the courage to update my computer on my own without her tech guide. Yes, you should totally get them.

Costello, the reflexologist

This morning I went to my friend Carene's foot reflexologist, Costello. We've heard a lot about Costello over the past few years, but it's always seemed like voo-d00 witchdoctory and so we've always just listened and that was the end of it. But at my dad's birthday party last week, we were talking about different physical problems and things, and I decided to make an appointment with Costello.

Some things you should know about Costello:
- he is from Romania
- he sounds like he is after moose and squirrel
- he lives on Sundew Drive
- he can rub and hold your feet and tell you all kinds of amazing things about your body

I got to his house and was put into his anti-gravity chair and he started working on my feet. He worked on all kinds of points and pushed more blood through all the systems of my body. He worked on my feet for almost two hours and it wasn't any kind of foot massage. I was very impressed and it was not any kind of voo-doo. He is very logical and explained that every problem in our bodies is just an imbalance and a problem with a blockage in some part of a bodily system. It was awesome. And my back doesn't hurt anymore. YEAH!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Not-Farewell Farewell...

This weekend some of our dear family came and visited to attend the Sacrament meeting where Geoffrey would speak for the final time before his mission.

My Grandma and Grandpa Siple. Aunt Connie and Uncle Don Berg, and Brent and MaryKate Berg arrived on Saturday and we stopped at Lloyd Center to visit Dad and play a little "jewelry store." Then we trekked home and had a nice lunch and spent the rest of the evening visiting and eating and visiting and snacking. Eventually the out-of-towners headed over to the Marriott Courtyard for the night.

That evening, back at our house, there was some pretty intense discussion (while I was trying to watch a DVD and/or sleep). For details of that discussion talk with Geoff and Mark. All's I'll say here is that it was a powerful and life-changing experience. I was also very grumpy that they had to keep talking SO LOUD from 10pm to at least 12:30am. I was grumpy.

The next morning we all had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and bacon and Lil' Smokies and cinnamon rolls and chocolate dipped strawberries (a gift from our visiting teacher!). Stuffed beyond reason we lounged until our family photo shoot. Here are a few highlights:

Then on to church - we had quite a crowd of just our own family and then plenty of other folks who came from other wards. The rest hymn was provided by my senior Primary kids who sang an arrangement of "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" and "Army of Helaman" written and performed by Eric D. Snider. The kids sang great and Eric played beautifully. After that number, Geoff began his talk and it was wonderful...but again - for details you'll have to talk to someone who was there. But I will say this: Geoffrey is going to be a wonderful missionary.

We're now down to being a week away from the MTC...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sweet Little Buttercup...

Oh Valentine's Day...hooray!

This was the ad placed in the Portland Mercury by my valentine...

♥ Boobs; mother-in-law Dear Judy: Our fake marriage was the greatest 6 months of my life! Bottoms up! Love, Jackie

Has anyone been more wooed?