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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fastest week ever...

It's crazy to think that a week ago we were flying to Utah and now we're back and I've got a cold. YEAH! If you want to stay caught up with Elder Taylor, go to his mission blog

Not a lot of news or anything really going on here in Beaverton. The Oscars were fine - more fun because Eric was over at the house watching them with us. We're finally getting back into a routine. Being sick doesn't bode well for a normal week - especially because I've called in sick today!

I'm sad because Studio 60 is on a very sketchy hiatus which looks like the show's been sent to a farm where it can play with other shows just like it. I am way behind in my TV watching and with all my school reading - don't think I'll be caught up any time soon.

It's been snowing here today - but still to wet and just warm enough for it not to stick. I'm going to have to venture to the store for a keg of orange juice.

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