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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Not-Farewell Farewell...

This weekend some of our dear family came and visited to attend the Sacrament meeting where Geoffrey would speak for the final time before his mission.

My Grandma and Grandpa Siple. Aunt Connie and Uncle Don Berg, and Brent and MaryKate Berg arrived on Saturday and we stopped at Lloyd Center to visit Dad and play a little "jewelry store." Then we trekked home and had a nice lunch and spent the rest of the evening visiting and eating and visiting and snacking. Eventually the out-of-towners headed over to the Marriott Courtyard for the night.

That evening, back at our house, there was some pretty intense discussion (while I was trying to watch a DVD and/or sleep). For details of that discussion talk with Geoff and Mark. All's I'll say here is that it was a powerful and life-changing experience. I was also very grumpy that they had to keep talking SO LOUD from 10pm to at least 12:30am. I was grumpy.

The next morning we all had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes and bacon and Lil' Smokies and cinnamon rolls and chocolate dipped strawberries (a gift from our visiting teacher!). Stuffed beyond reason we lounged until our family photo shoot. Here are a few highlights:

Then on to church - we had quite a crowd of just our own family and then plenty of other folks who came from other wards. The rest hymn was provided by my senior Primary kids who sang an arrangement of "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" and "Army of Helaman" written and performed by Eric D. Snider. The kids sang great and Eric played beautifully. After that number, Geoff began his talk and it was wonderful...but again - for details you'll have to talk to someone who was there. But I will say this: Geoffrey is going to be a wonderful missionary.

We're now down to being a week away from the MTC...

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