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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Get the picture?

Tonight I saw a production of Charles Mee's "Big Love." This is a play that is assigned in my American Theatre class but I haven't read it yet. I think I would rather see a production of a show before reading it - to create some mental picture or frame of reference. I guess that's why I read the book version of Back to the Future III over ten times when I was in the sixth grade. And that's just another reason I'm a super nerd.

PS - the play was very good.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday people...

I'm normally a Tuesday person. It's a great day for lunches. But today didn't really feel like a Tuesday, so it's okay that I didn't feel super accomplished today.

The long weekend was spent out at Camp Namanu at Family Camp. Despite the never ending rain - it really was a great time. I lead a card making class and took all my stamps. The ladies loved the stamps. Two hours flew by and then I was on to running the camp store and then skit night. OOOHHHGGG SKITS...uh...yeah. The next morning I was the driver up to our high ropes course and had a great time coaching (and having no real clue what I was talking about) couples on our High V element. Harnesses are involved. It's a pretty good time - even in the rain. More camp store - and then our closing council fire. I sure love fire. Burning things is great. On Monday we began cleaning up - and then paused for some races on the duck pond. The adult in the boat was blindfolded and the child in the boat was to shout directions. Several families did really well. Some did not. And then the sun finally came out. Just in time to mop the dining hall floor. Which was actually fun. No kidding! OH...and did I mention the BINGO!?!? Remind me to tell you about it if I talk to you. BINGO...oh yes.

Today was early, as I was picking Mom up at the airport at 7:30a.m. and then to meetings and classes. But now I'm in my pajamas - and I'm sleepy. Feeling good - but feeling that there are many miles to go before I can really relax. MUCHO.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I haven't blogged in quite a while - but I guess that's because I haven't had too much that's new going on. Still working with the Camp Fire kids and I went out and taught some camp songs a few weeks ago. That was really fun - much better than sitting in an office!

Schools is really fun this quarter. I'm loving my American Drama class. I wish it were a full year long series. I'm also a director in our New Play Workshop. This means that I was directing staged readings of two short plays. I was also a director for a short play written by a young lady that was 14 years old. Our class is the "performance arm" of the Afield Playwrighting Project. The Afield plays are written by troubled young people and then the scripts come to our class and we performed them. All ten plays from this year's group were performed last week during our class on Thursday and on Friday evening. Oh my, were these plays full of great lines! Such as:

"I'd say you could come and visit me in space, but there isn't enough space in space!"

"But! I was planning to have a plan with you!"

"If you don't help me, I"m gonna suicide. I'm gonna suicide right here."

"I need your money so that I can have a place of my own and be free to be a vegetarian"

"Look, dude. You know how we've been friends and stuff."

I fully believe that all the actors should get medals for getting up and seriously saying the words these young playwrights wrote. And the playwrights did get to come and take a bow at the end of their play. It seemed like this was the first time anything these kids have done has gotten any kind of applause.

One of my other "classes" is an internship with the Every 15 minutes film shoot in Pasadena, California. My Aunt is the producer and with a few pieces of paperwork, I'm getting credit for being here in balmy SoCal. Right now it's a quiet morning and I'm watching the squirrels try to bust into the bird feeder. The new stream/pond that my aunts had installed is amazing. It's so relaxing and beautiful. I'm really excited for them.

The film shoot is tomorrow morning, and then Friday morning I am back in Portland with just enough time to change clothes and drive out to Camp Namanu for an overnight with 200 kids from our after school program. I'm the nurse for the weekend...

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

If you have to ask...

So, the Entertainment Weekly website has a headline which reads: "Lost": Does it suck or does it rock? And I don't watch "Lost" so I can't answer the question. But I do know this: If you have to ask the question, the answer is usually the latter. Because in the world, rare are the times that you don't realize if something is awesome. Now, we might not know just HOW awesome it is, but we have a sure understanding that it certainly doesn't suck.

One thing I know that doesn't suck is birthdays, and today was my Aunt Karen's birthday. I sure hope she had a good one!

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Too good to be NOT true...

There is a contestant on the Price is Right today and her name is Cletus. She's from Texas. Of course she is. In the future I think we will be chart the decline of humanity by watching the Price is Right contestants and how trashy they have become. Plus...how would I know the price of a carousel crib? It's so ugly.