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I'm a Great Northwesterner that is now loving life in the Midwest. I am a world class napper. I'm very bossy. I clearly love a good glass of Scotch. I wear aprons every chance I get.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Being a grown up...

The people who read this blog (Josh, mainly) know how I feel about being a grown-up. I LOVE IT! And I expect that those people of "grown-up" age should damn well act like one. But mainly I love all the perks of being a grown up, especially here at camp. Bed times and the "no candy" rule don't apply if you're a grown up. Nor does the rule about sliding down the rocks in a very fast creek continue to apply if the Camp Director and CEO of CampFire are the ones doing it.

This afternoon I journeyed down to the beach by the Sandy River with the camp caretaker, camp director, and CampFire CEO to plan our summer closing campfire. And as we approached, we realized that there were people on our beach. People with dogs on our beach. NAKED people with dogs on our beach. And we also realized that we had 25 campers behind us on the trail coming to the beach to build sand castles for the afternoon. YIKES. So the big wigs walked down to notify the grizzled nudists that they were trespassers and invite them to leave whilst I stood on the trail and made up a story about getting the sand all ready for sand castles for the 25 campers. But seriously...today I saw ALL of Grizzly Adams...and he was naked on the beach. And please know that when he "put his clothes on," he was putting on a black Speedo. I wish I was making this up. But I'm not.

After the trespassers gathered their clothes and 3 big dogs, they got back in their inner tubes and floated down the river. And we then let the kids come and build sand castles in the freshly de-nudified sand. After that all the grown ups went up the trail to Walker Creek, which is a very fast and lovely creek. We all took our socks and shoes off and sat on rocks and logs for about an hour. The CEO then stripped to his shorts and slid down the rocks/rapids while we all laughed hysterically at him. And that's why I love being a grown up...because the sliding in the rocks has been forbidden to all campers. Suckers.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is summer almost over?

I guess I didn't realize that when I took a summer job it meant that when the job was over...so was the summer. Dang. Here I sit, with one more week of camp, and starting to freak out about my plans for the fall. I'm accepted to the Portland State grad program for theatre, but I'm starting to freak out about doing that. I'm starting to feel that I need a full time job with benefits or my brain might explode.

In other news: my brother turned 18 today. Now he can buy lottery tickets, cigarettes and porn and sign up for the draft. All I can really say is that I love my brother pretty much more than anyone. Yeah...that's all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just another day...

So, today I got to assist in the escorting of a camper out of camp tonight. YIKES. This kid had been talking loudly crudely in his cabin late into the night the past two nights (we've only had two nights at camp this week) and so, since he's been unable to modify this behavior...his mom was called to come pick him up. And can I just say that if MY MOM had been called to come pick up MY misbehaving derriere...I would have just hoped that the Earth would open and swallow me whole before she arrived. Seriously. It was really the same way with this kid...except that with two staff members watching she couldn't be as yell-y as she had wanted. I'm pretty sure that this kid's week is about to start sucking.

I am reminded of so many discipline moments that my parents had to deal with...like my inability to hang up wet towels after showers. So after many reminders it was determined that I wasn't grown up enough to use a bath towel and was allowed to use a hand towel until I could hang it up successfully for 2 weeks...yeah. To this day towels must be hung up...even if they're not mine...it kind of makes me feel sick when I see wet towels laying on the floor or bed.

As a young teen I also had a problem of slamming doors whenever I left in a huff...which happens often when you're 13...and me. So again after being fairly warned that if I kept slamming doors I would lose my door. Which I did. FOR TWO MONTHS. So, now...even now if door shuts a little hard...or the wind catches the door to slam it, I have to make sure that anyone who heard the door slam knows that it was an accident and not slammed in anger.

That's it...I'm a mess. But at least I didn't get kicked out of camp tonight...cuz my mom would put some serious hurt on me.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

It's my birthday...

It's been over a month since my last post...but since Josh is the only one who's read this blog...I guess it's okay.

Today is my 26th birthday. It's pretty awesome because I get to go back up to camp this afternoon and force 150 people to celebrate my birthday all...week...long!!! And I think the forcing will be pretty easy today, as I have a CROWN to wear. That's right, it's official. I have an exact replica of the Miss America crown. And I will wear it 24 hours, even in the showers! I cannot imagine a reason to take it off. It's so sparkly and shiney...I can't even stand myself. I hope that those who see me today (or forever!) don't lay down and die of jealousy the moment they lay eyes on it.

Camp has been a pretty fun experience. Especially since I don't have to do any hard work. I made it clear in the beginning that I don't hike (obviously) and so that's kept me out of most of the hazard duties. Although this past week I was in charge of the Miss Namanu pageant (good thing I didn't have the crown then or there might have been fisticuffs) and the Namanu Olympics. The Namanu Olympics turned out fine...but had a horrific beginning. As with ANY Olyimpics sceario, a torch must be involved...and since we're at camp...we decied on a real, live torch. To spare the gorey details...the torch bearer now has second degree burns on the first two fingers of her right hand (she's left handed fortunately) as the lighter fluid that we used dripped down the torch handle and onto her hand. And then we lit the damn thing. Son of a B was that THE dumbest idea EVER? Yes, I think it was. The three people on the planning committee were myself (Lefty) Firefly, and Decanter. Decanter is the one who is now burned and has a semi-permenant hand puppet....to which I glued googly eyes...Lemons and lemonade is what I say! We didn't lose our jobs and we didn't get reprimanded...but you would have thought we had as we spent the 24 after the inciedent pretty much in tears.

But now I go back to camp...with my crown and clean laundry...and we start another week of found nature mobiles and face paint and bugs made of pom-poms and painting and sock puppets.