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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Being a grown up...

The people who read this blog (Josh, mainly) know how I feel about being a grown-up. I LOVE IT! And I expect that those people of "grown-up" age should damn well act like one. But mainly I love all the perks of being a grown up, especially here at camp. Bed times and the "no candy" rule don't apply if you're a grown up. Nor does the rule about sliding down the rocks in a very fast creek continue to apply if the Camp Director and CEO of CampFire are the ones doing it.

This afternoon I journeyed down to the beach by the Sandy River with the camp caretaker, camp director, and CampFire CEO to plan our summer closing campfire. And as we approached, we realized that there were people on our beach. People with dogs on our beach. NAKED people with dogs on our beach. And we also realized that we had 25 campers behind us on the trail coming to the beach to build sand castles for the afternoon. YIKES. So the big wigs walked down to notify the grizzled nudists that they were trespassers and invite them to leave whilst I stood on the trail and made up a story about getting the sand all ready for sand castles for the 25 campers. But seriously...today I saw ALL of Grizzly Adams...and he was naked on the beach. And please know that when he "put his clothes on," he was putting on a black Speedo. I wish I was making this up. But I'm not.

After the trespassers gathered their clothes and 3 big dogs, they got back in their inner tubes and floated down the river. And we then let the kids come and build sand castles in the freshly de-nudified sand. After that all the grown ups went up the trail to Walker Creek, which is a very fast and lovely creek. We all took our socks and shoes off and sat on rocks and logs for about an hour. The CEO then stripped to his shorts and slid down the rocks/rapids while we all laughed hysterically at him. And that's why I love being a grown up...because the sliding in the rocks has been forbidden to all campers. Suckers.


lisa v. clark said...

I love being a grown-up except during tax season and mortgage paying time. I didn't know you had a blog. . . you've been BOOKMARKED so you'd better write OFTEN!!!

christopher clark said...

Hey, I just found out about Judy's Parlor, too! Chanel - quit hiding your campfire under a bushel.

Sorry about the nudity. Did you see the guy's weiner, though? I mean, even for a second?

lisa v. clark said...

Thanks for all your grown-up stories on sundee-it was so great to see you!!!!