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Monday, September 12, 2005

A drivin' fool

The past two weeks have been pretty crazy and jam packed with stuff goin' on. After leaving camp (which was very hard to do) I spent ONE day doing laundry and getting my hair cut before setting off on a 2400 mile road trip to Las Vegas. The Craigs of Wind Warrior Drive have a daughter who turned 8 in August and was baptized on September 3. So I thought I'd drive down, making stops to visit with friends that live between Portland, Oregon and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Let's just say right up front that I did require muscle relaxants by the time I made it home. But I left for Boise and stayed with my Aunt Connie and Uncle Don. They were very gracious with great food and lots of fun. They were also very flexible as I had negelected to invite myself to their house until the Friday before (only 4 days notice) my arrival.

The next day I drove the 4 hours to Layton, Utah to stay with the my BFF Reyna and her husband Seth Malley. I have to say that when I finally left their house on Friday morning...it was SO hard to leave. It was so fun and relaxing and pampering. AND THEIR BABY!!! I may have to post a whole 'nother blog about Bennett Malley. He's smiley and fun and isn't afraid of my loudness. I hope the Malleys will one day actually let me eat him with blackberry jam, he's just that yummy! Reyna invited the Binghams up for dinner on Thursday - and did we eat like royalty! It was so nice to sit and visit and hear all the goings on live and in person.

From Layton I drove to Provo to have lunch with Charlotte and Joe Brown and to see Charlotte just prior to delivery...she had Amelia V. Brown last Thursday morning. (Better her than me!) After lunch I hit the I-15 going south and arrived at the Craigs just in time for a lovely dinner. Their new house is so big, which was good as they had a house full of people for Abbie's baptism. I got to sleep in Abbie's room...and she even put a mint on my pillow! On Saturday we all worked together to put cupboard doors back up in the kitchen and to prepare food for the Baptism After Party. It was a very special day and I was so honored to have been so welcomed and a part of the whole thing.

Sunterday rolled around and I was back on the road headed to Provo to have a very chic meal with the Clarks. I cannot believe how much their kids have grown and that Hugh acutally exists! It was very hard to leave such good friends and great conversation, but I had to get back up to the Malley's before it was too dark and I was too tired to drive.

Once back with Reyna and Seth I recapped my trip and then Seth taught us how to play Halo 2. And folks....I cannot tell you how B-A-D I am at Halo 2. I enjoy video games...but the coordination required for this game is beyond my capacity. So I got killed A LOT. But it sure was fun! After a great night's sleep we all had breakfast on the patio and waited for the Malley's new sofa to arrive. And did it ever! Go to the Malley's and sit on their couch, that's all I can say.

After a lovely lunch at the Red Robin, I was on the road again, back to Boise. It was at this point that my back really started to get sore and spazm...but it was a short trip to I survived and got some good rest at my Aunt's house. Sadly, by the time I got to Pendleton (4 hours from home) my back was quite painful and I called my mom to see if we had any muscle relaxants at home. She made sure that we did and that's how I spent the rest of the evening. I did arrive home safely and my car worked great the whole time. WHEW.


Deeder V said...

So much driving! And by yourself? Actually sounds great to me - I'll bet you drove through some beautful areas.

Ken said...

Miss Five,

A-thanks again for comin' for the very special Baptism Day. And thanks for not referring to me as Mr. Soggy Bottoms. For reasons I will obviously not post on the Internet and will most likely deny if brought up in public.