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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back to school, back to school...

It is with great relief that I compose this post. Yesterday and today have been the first days of classes of grad school at Portland State University. I have spent the last month worried and reconsidering my decision to go through a grad program. After sitting through my first classes - I OWN this program. I'm really going to have a lot of fun and most likely NOT kill myself in the process. I'm taking a fairly light load of classes to start with: Development of Dramatic Art, Acting, and a yoga class. I'm also taking an Institute class, not only for the free parking but for the amazing contrast of the PSU campus to the feeling in the Institute building.

I was never one to dream about going to BYU, but once there I had a great time, I learned a lot, and made amazing friends whilst skipping Devotional. And I had gone to Portland Community College and the University of Portland prior to transferring to BYU...but I really miss the common standards at the Lord's university. There were plenty of pious, but overall it was nice to know that there was a standard of personal excellence expected - and at PSU...they're just glad you paid your bill.

That said, the department is intimate, without lacking classes or opportunities. I must say that I feel much more confident this time around. People often say "I wish I could do that again, knowing what I know now" and I actually get to do this again! YEE-HAW.

PS - Yoga...no good for the dislocated shoulder...but pain killers are!


Tony said...
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Azhar Hussein said...
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christopher clark said...

Coco, welcome back to academia. The pay sucks, but you can't beat the hours. CONGRATS!!!!

lisa v. clark said...

Load up on those G-2 gels or pilots. Good luck! Wish you could be continuing at the BY, but we're all happy for you anyway and expect a report. Momma needs her stories.