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Friday, September 16, 2005

Grandma's Day Out

Today I had lunch at Chang's Mongolian Grill with Eric D. Snider. Now that I'm actually living in Beaverton we get to hang out and make plans and do stuff together. It's quite nice. And despite talking several times in the week - it's always nice to know that new gossip and news will still come up during lunch.

After lunch Grandma had to go to the post office to get stamps. But I can't stand those crappy American flag stamps that they sell at the grocery store or in the automated things in the P.O. lobby. So of course that means that I have to stand in line with all the jokers who don't' know how to fill out labels or customs slips correctly. The line was seriously 15 people deep and for the first 8 minutes the line didn't move. Some people are so dumb. Like the two people who monopolized the postal workers - WITH SMALL TALK!!! Get out of the post office...if you want to chat go to a coffee house or the produce section. No one is in a hurry at those places. But finally I got to the window, bought some deep sea fish stamps and flower stamps and was on my way. Oddly enough I didn't get frustrated while I was AT the post office, only now that I'm typing it here does it frustrate me. Huh.

After my trip to the P.O. I had to return some cups and forks to Target...so I did. And then I got to use my super awesome American Express gift card to buy a mirror/weekly planner thing and some stationary. Such a delight. After that Grandma had to get home to clean up stuff and get out Autumn decorations, as Fall has officially arrived in the Great Northwest.

This evening was spent looking for a book that I sold on Amazon.com that I can't find. Looks like I'm going to have to refund that 3.00. Sad.

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Deeder V said...

You can get stamps with any picture you want on them via upload for a mere $18 above the price of the stamps themselves at stamps.com. Yeah, only $18. Which could be used to help end world hunger, but I'd rather have my dog on an envelope.