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Sunday, August 7, 2005

It's my birthday...

It's been over a month since my last post...but since Josh is the only one who's read this blog...I guess it's okay.

Today is my 26th birthday. It's pretty awesome because I get to go back up to camp this afternoon and force 150 people to celebrate my birthday all...week...long!!! And I think the forcing will be pretty easy today, as I have a CROWN to wear. That's right, it's official. I have an exact replica of the Miss America crown. And I will wear it 24 hours, even in the showers! I cannot imagine a reason to take it off. It's so sparkly and shiney...I can't even stand myself. I hope that those who see me today (or forever!) don't lay down and die of jealousy the moment they lay eyes on it.

Camp has been a pretty fun experience. Especially since I don't have to do any hard work. I made it clear in the beginning that I don't hike (obviously) and so that's kept me out of most of the hazard duties. Although this past week I was in charge of the Miss Namanu pageant (good thing I didn't have the crown then or there might have been fisticuffs) and the Namanu Olympics. The Namanu Olympics turned out fine...but had a horrific beginning. As with ANY Olyimpics sceario, a torch must be involved...and since we're at camp...we decied on a real, live torch. To spare the gorey details...the torch bearer now has second degree burns on the first two fingers of her right hand (she's left handed fortunately) as the lighter fluid that we used dripped down the torch handle and onto her hand. And then we lit the damn thing. Son of a B was that THE dumbest idea EVER? Yes, I think it was. The three people on the planning committee were myself (Lefty) Firefly, and Decanter. Decanter is the one who is now burned and has a semi-permenant hand puppet....to which I glued googly eyes...Lemons and lemonade is what I say! We didn't lose our jobs and we didn't get reprimanded...but you would have thought we had as we spent the 24 after the inciedent pretty much in tears.

But now I go back to camp...with my crown and clean laundry...and we start another week of found nature mobiles and face paint and bugs made of pom-poms and painting and sock puppets.

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