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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Just another day...

So, today I got to assist in the escorting of a camper out of camp tonight. YIKES. This kid had been talking loudly crudely in his cabin late into the night the past two nights (we've only had two nights at camp this week) and so, since he's been unable to modify this behavior...his mom was called to come pick him up. And can I just say that if MY MOM had been called to come pick up MY misbehaving derriere...I would have just hoped that the Earth would open and swallow me whole before she arrived. Seriously. It was really the same way with this kid...except that with two staff members watching she couldn't be as yell-y as she had wanted. I'm pretty sure that this kid's week is about to start sucking.

I am reminded of so many discipline moments that my parents had to deal with...like my inability to hang up wet towels after showers. So after many reminders it was determined that I wasn't grown up enough to use a bath towel and was allowed to use a hand towel until I could hang it up successfully for 2 weeks...yeah. To this day towels must be hung up...even if they're not mine...it kind of makes me feel sick when I see wet towels laying on the floor or bed.

As a young teen I also had a problem of slamming doors whenever I left in a huff...which happens often when you're 13...and me. So again after being fairly warned that if I kept slamming doors I would lose my door. Which I did. FOR TWO MONTHS. So, now...even now if door shuts a little hard...or the wind catches the door to slam it, I have to make sure that anyone who heard the door slam knows that it was an accident and not slammed in anger.

That's it...I'm a mess. But at least I didn't get kicked out of camp tonight...cuz my mom would put some serious hurt on me.


Josh said...

Chanel, I don't know if this will disturb you or make you happy, but I am planning on using the same discipline techniques on my children. Your parents were very wise. Natural consequences for actions. Just wait until Jonah slams his door....

Beccy said...

I am so excited about your blog. Thanks for sharing about fun campy-camperton.
Love Diva (aka Josh's little sis)