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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Costello, the reflexologist

This morning I went to my friend Carene's foot reflexologist, Costello. We've heard a lot about Costello over the past few years, but it's always seemed like voo-d00 witchdoctory and so we've always just listened and that was the end of it. But at my dad's birthday party last week, we were talking about different physical problems and things, and I decided to make an appointment with Costello.

Some things you should know about Costello:
- he is from Romania
- he sounds like he is after moose and squirrel
- he lives on Sundew Drive
- he can rub and hold your feet and tell you all kinds of amazing things about your body

I got to his house and was put into his anti-gravity chair and he started working on my feet. He worked on all kinds of points and pushed more blood through all the systems of my body. He worked on my feet for almost two hours and it wasn't any kind of foot massage. I was very impressed and it was not any kind of voo-doo. He is very logical and explained that every problem in our bodies is just an imbalance and a problem with a blockage in some part of a bodily system. It was awesome. And my back doesn't hurt anymore. YEAH!


Josh said...

I love people who sound like they are cartoon characters. Cosello on Sundew Drive, the magic foot doctor? Ok.

breakfast beaver said...

I have been a faithful believer for years. Hooray for the human body!