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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spring: I honor thee

In a bizarre twist of meteorology we've had a 66 degree day here in Portland. It has been glorious. And to honor the warm and the sun and Springness I did the following:

I wore a short sleeved shirt and no jacket

I had a personal picnic in the Park Blocks at PSU, sitting at an outdoor table and being amazed/scared by the street corner preacher who was arguing more than preaching

I had a venti Tangerine frappuccino. If you haven't had one, you should...right now. It means Spring is here!! (FACT: they sell tangerine frappuccino's all year round)

I went out of my way to share the sunshine in my soul with those around me

I sat and listened to the lawn mower symphony in my neighborhood.

Folks it's a good day. Tomorrow will bring more rain and that can be a good day too. But you could really tell that today was a good day!

I'm down to a week and a half of this winter quarter - so crazy to think that it was just Christmas...it WAS just Christmas, right?

Now it's time to start getting a Spring wardrobe together...

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