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Friday, March 9, 2007

Should the rules be spoken?

I've sat through many meetings and classes where people bring food and snacks. But seriously, do people not understand that a bag of chips and an apple are absolutely the loudest foods to eat in a classroom?

I'll admit, I already have a really hard time listening to other people eat. I'm fine during a meal, where we're all eating - or snacking during a movie or something...but man oh man...if we're not ALL eating - it's beyond gross. The sounds drive mercy out of my heart.

But two days ago I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO a girl who was munching on an apple...and this isn't a boisterous class where your chewing and crunching can be masked. And she was RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I'm currently sitting in a class next to a guy who is alternating between eating the crunchiest bag of chips known to man and hocking up loogies. Delightful. No jury would convict me...

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Karen said...

I hear ya sista. The guy I work with - right across the chest high cubicle has had a cough/cold for weeks and I am SO tired of listening to him clear his throat. So I feel your pain babe, I really really do.