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Friday, December 28, 2012

35 by 35

At some point in the last few months I realized that I had all these ideas of things I wanted to do - or at least say that I had TRIED to do - but they were just ideas floating around.  Loving lists the way that I do, I assembled my 35 by 35 list. So, dear friends and random interwebbers, I present to you 35 things that I want to do before I turn 35.  I have a handy countdown on my phone that tells me I have 586 days to attempt and accomplish the following:

1 . help someone on the side of the road
2 . go on a Disney cruise
3 . see a Broadway show
4 . shop at J.Crew for a dress
5 . watch a Harry Potter marathon
6 . spend a day with a Vespa, seeing and exploring
7 . complete the Warrior Dash
8 . go on a picnic in a park
9 . have my hair in a beehive hairdo
10 . attend an event wearing a fabulous big hat
11 . take a tour of the Art Institute of Chicago
12 . attend high tea at The Drake
13 . confidently roller skate for 15 minutes
14 . learn to play the ukulele
15 . go 21 days without complaining
16 . learn 3 hymns on the piano
17 . learn to french braid hair
18 . attend a TED event
19 . get better at applying eyeliner and mascara
20 . learn to play the cello
21 . memorize 50 scriptures
22 . fill in 10 more names in my family history
23 . finish my Master's degree
24 . build and enjoy a giant slip'n'slide
25 . make a good lemon meringue pie
26 . have an "underground" dining experience
27 . ride a zip line
28 . spend a whole day reading
29 . buy groceries for someone in need
30 . go Zorbing
31 . learn to make 5 different balloon animals
32 . work on a Habitat for Humanity home
33 . successfully make Plain Cookies 
34 . learn 3 slight of hand magic tricks
35 . participate in The Color Run/Walk


Amy said...

Congrats on the Master's Degree! That's kind of a ginormous thing to be able to cross off.

Josh Bingham said...

What's your Masters Degree in? That's wicked awesome.

MKB said...

I want to do the color run too. The Warrior dash looks awesome too! Might have to add that to my list.

Beej said...

Cross that off, suckers!!!
I will make it my MISSION IN LIFE to make list item 2 a reality.