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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can you tell?

So - clearly, my time at the world's most boring job ended...and I'm back to subbing full time. And I have worked every day this week...which means I'm not sitting in front of a computer all day, trying to think of things to share. Instead my days are filled - and with funny things that are said and exciting things that happen.

This week has been crazy busy - and I will have plenty to post about - once I get the time.

Look forward to hearing about:
- Steaks the size of your head - and other dramas
- Cirque du Soleil
- Cold soup and good friends
- A battle of the books
- Being the minder of two teen aged folks
- Adventures in many different classrooms

But since I'm about to slip into a coma - I'll leave you with this gem from today:

Today in the Lunchroom, while sitting at the first grader's table:

Boy One: (shaking a hot dog) I'M EATING THIS WIENER!!
Boy Two: (to Boy One, shaking his head) That's unappropriate.

It was awesome. And so was this week. And yes, that kid DID eat that wiener.


Bilbo said...

We had weiners for dinner last night. Was that "unappropriate" too?

Kourtney said...

Do they still serve weiner wraps in elementary schools these days? I think Boy Two would agree with me on the unappropriateness of such an item. Boy One would agree with me on their high level of deliciousness.

becca puffer said...

Chanel-- I am so excited that I found you in cyberspace. You are hilarious! Back in my day (old man voice) we called em pronto pups. Those were good doggies.