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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh my word - so overdue is this post. Letting three weeks pass after seeing such a mind-blowing show is just rude. Rude.I was so fortunate to see Cirque de Soliel's new touring show Corteo. And I loved it. LUH-HOVED it. Amazing and beautiful acrobatics and gymnastics and juggling. Lots of traditional "circus" acts - with a lovely storyline and stunning music. The music is so great and very Cirque without being TOO funky...you know what I mean?

My favorite part was when Valentina (a little person) was floated around in this contraption:
The old man and Valentina did some funny bits - but then she was floated out over the audience and it was lovely and delightful and awe-inspiring. So many times I realized I was sitting there like a cod fish, with my mouth hanging open...but seriously. That's what this show did to me. My friend Shannon invited me to go and we had AMAZING seats. So close to the stage but with enough room to look back and see the big picture and stare at the technical elements. Thank you, Shannon.

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Bilbo said...

I really want to go to this show! Everyone raves about it.