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Saturday, November 18, 2006

A time to prepare and a time to slack...

This weekend has been about the preparation for the upcoming week. A big one by any standard with Thanksgiving coming up...but we've also got my mother headed for a Tuesday surgery and overnight hospital stay. This means that so many things have to be cleaned and in order so that while we are a recovery ward for the next two weeks, life will just roll along.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who is like this - but if I know there is housework to be done...I can't just relax while dirty dishes just sit there. My final year at BYU made this element of my personality very clear. I was living with half man/half beast Eve Spear, who was a slob. She would cook, but leave the dishes all over the house (and when you're living in a hobbit hole that clutters up the place VERY quickly) and given the opportunity would leave them for days at a time. Each day I would come home from work or school or rehearsal and would have to clean up the kitchen. I didn't spend much time in the living room - despite all the furnishings being mine - because that would mean I would have to clean that room before I could enjoy being in it. I couldn't read or work on anything if the dishes in the sink were dirty and had been since the morning.

After months of her filthy habits, I couldn't stand it. I tried to just leave the dishes because I figured eventually they could gross her out enough to clean them. And I figured wrong. So, thanks to Josh, a dirty casserole dish ended up in her bed...and it was clean the next day. I think she did get the hint that I was unimpressed with her household hygiene and she did make an effort to be cleaner. But even in the end, I never did get my security deposit back from the Shire, because she was the last to vacate the property and it was not clean enough for Old Man Withers who owned the place.

So I pose this question: When told to put "first things first" - what do you do? For me it's to make sure the kitchen is clean, and then my bedroom and bathroom. Because if I know those places are in order - I can face just about anything. What about you?


grannybabs said...

I was just thinking about you!! We are off to Lake Oswego to see Phoebe - they moved there in August. I can't find your email - so email me - or write me!!

breakfast beaver said...

I'm just the opposite. It has to be the bathroom first. If that aint clean, nothin' else matters. Then the living room. Then the kitchen. My bedroom is fair game. I don't even make my bed everyday. SINNER!

Hey, I lived with Eve in that same Shire. True dat.