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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Muppet Serendipity

I've had such a great but mysterious relationship with the Muppets. When I was a kid the idea of a program "schedule" or "days of the week" seemed to boggle me and I would often wake up and hope that today was the day The Muppet Show would be airing. It was such fortuitous luck that would connect the Fraggles or Muppets and myself. Eventually I figured out when they would be on - but by then the show had been cancelled and so there I was in that creek with out my paddle.

Over the years this element of surprise has given me many unexpected and fleeting moments of joy - like two nights ago when I caught a special on TBS called Puppet Up!. It was a show at the comedy festival in Las Vegas that had Muppet performers doing improv. It was also uncensored. So basically we had Who's Line Is It Anyway meets Avenue Q. Good, good, dirty times.

I hoped I might be able to catch it again - but Marfa (our TiVo) cannot find the title with any upcoming showings. It was funny and disturbing and I hope they show it again so you can all share.

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Josh said...

I'm intrigued....and incapable of spelling intrigued. Was that right? Anyway, will you tell me when Marfa finds it?