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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

He'll get by with a little help from his friends

Geoffrey had his two wisdom teeth removed yesterday. He was very apprehensive about the whole procedure but he sailed through the whole thing and is recovering very quickly. I'm so glad it hasn't been a traumatic thing for him - so many people have awful experiences with oral surgery. But what we did discover is that he is so happy and emotionally gushing when he's high. The pain meds they gave him were rockin' and he thought everything and everyone around him was "AWESOME!!"

I really did toy with the idea of recording him in is stoned state - but I'll be honest, he didn't do anything that would be embarrassing beyond being super loud. He was so kind and thrilled to be alive - and I think we could all take a little of THAT medicine now and again.

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breakfast beaver said...

Hooray for big G! And no major dramas? I love it. I wish I was living with you while recovering from surgery. 'Cause I know that boy is getting spoiled. Um...I have a disease?