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Saturday, November 4, 2006

This one is for Becky.

I've started a blog update several times - but with so much pressure for clever or funny or whatever that I've made it into a thing. So here we go.

I've gotten back into the rhythm of being home. My London trip was amazing and moving and life changing. I do look forward to going back someday. I am also so glad to be home and doing all the mundane things that I'm sure I'll be sick of so soon (but I'm still enjoying now).

I am so reveling in the weather of Oregon. We've had some really blustery days and it's glorious. But hooray for global warming that will most likely give us very little snow and ice through the winter. (HOLY CRAP I'm talking about the weather)

I've revamped my two classes that weren't fulfilled in Europe, so I'm reading a lot of French plays and trying to make sense of some of them. I'm writing papers and working very hard to to not procrastinate the previously listed tasks. The newest diversion is watching The West Wing. In my defense of watching the first season in 36 hours is that I'm trying to fill the whole that was left in the cosmos by not having a Studio 60 on Monday night.

Halloween was a little disappointment as we didn't have very many tricksters to visit our spooky porch. But we did have a spooky porch, complete with fog machine and scary music.

I'm currently reviewing my Fall goals:
Try: sewing a skirt
STATUS: no progress
See: Wicked...despite not liking a majority of the soundtrack and everyone being shocked that I'm not really interested in seeing it.
STATUS: so I lied. I still haven't seen it...nor will I.
Taste: more curries and Indian food
STATUS: well...I'm not sure how to go about testing foods that may set my internal organs on fire.
Listen To: NPR for a week - despite my normal aversion to talking on the radio
STATUS: I'm starting to wonder why I made these stupid goals...but no I haven't done this one either.
Visit: my Uncle's Aunt in Paris
STATUS: whoops.
Start: making Christmas gifts so they can be mailed on time
STATUS: I've got a list and am checking it twice.
Stop: hitting the snooze button
STATUS: WHEW! I did this one (since I don't set an alarm anymore - har har!)
Organize:an actual play library - instead of just buying a copy when I need it
STATUS: Seriously, what was I thinking?!
Read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
STATUS: In progress
Play: euchre
STATUS: I hope that this will be accomplished at the New Year when I visit the Malleys. So, at least I've got a plan, right?
Learn: about the history of Portland
STATUS: UHG. I'll work on reading books on this topic instead of books by Terry Pratchett.

So that's all for now...I guess it wasn't that big a "Thing" but now I've updated and can do so much more frequently.


petie said...

Yeah! So glad to see your update. I just don't set goals, as to not disappoint myself. Unless I'm on vacation, and then most often my goal is "Get a Diet Coke fountain drink before noon."

Glad you made it safely back from Europe. We look forward to seeing you on New Years!

breakfast beaver said...

Becky is pleased.

Girl...I totally missed you tonight when I was walking around the Magic Kingdom. Let's budget for a little visit sometime in 2007 and I treat ya real proper.

I don't think you would much care for "Wicked", anyway. Tell those MDT brats to put that in their pipes and smoke it.

sarahdavemalcolm said...

So funny. I was on the Design Mom blog which led me to the Josh blog (and I'm thinking, is this the Josh that was a judge for THE Ramona coloring contest?) and there was your name and blog. Could it be my fellow prodoff partner in crime? I know it is cause I saw your picture. You're WONDERFUL. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon your blog. Hee Hee.