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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I know what you need!

Friends - the best new food product is from the good people at Trader Joe's. They, of course, make their own version of the Oreo, called Joe Joes. Seth Malley introduced me to them this summer and I couldn't be more grateful. Know this: they aren't healthier or anything - they are just really good.

And in the spririt of Christmas they have added candy cane to these glorious cookies. And I love them. And you will too. Cocoa and candy cane perfectly balanced in every bite. Pair this up with a glass of Southern Comfort Egg Nog and you've got a Christmas miracle in your mouth!!

Feliz Nabiblah!

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Josh said...

Can you bring these to New Years? OH TRADER JOES! WHY MUST YOU BE SO FAR AWAY!! We got an Ikea, so it is possible, right?