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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Seattle!

So I started my post-graduation trip yesterday - taking the train to the Tacoma train station and meeting my friend Kathy DeHeide. We then drove to Seattle and here's what we did:I got on the train in Portland at Union Station
Getting on the train - and may I recommend the business class? Yes.
Heading in to Pike's Street Market
It's hard to get a picture of them throwing the fish - but they did. Take my word for it.
Kathy in front of a novelty experience I'm not sure - but it sure was funny...There are all kinds of fancy, arty pigs - this is one of them.
...it sure is.
After our time at the markets we went to the Seattle Center and sat by the International Fountain. It's choreographed to music that plays - and kids play in the fountain - delightful.
Kathy and I saw Uncle Vanya at the Intiman Theater
And then - we were hungry after the show - so we went to Ivar's Fish Bar - yummy!

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name: Laurel said...

hi! i just wanted to say that i LOVE your shirt in these pictures, and i love your choice of tv shows, AND you got me hooked to the history boys soundtrack! yay!