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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Being in Boise!

I'm staying with the Crockpot and the Mrs. here in Boise...and we are having such a good time. The Mrs. is involved in a torture program where she hurts you with good food - and you can't stop eating it. Painful. Save yourselves!! I'll be here - taking one for the team...

On Thursday afternoon, The Mrs. picked me up from the airport - and then we came back to the house and enjoyed my newest obsession - Guitar Hero. If you haven't played - figure out a way to do it. It is so much fun - and it's hard without being frustrating. My kind of challenge.

Today we ran errands and visited with Brent and MaryKate and their new little girl, Reagan. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Then, after some nappage - it was off to the Caldwell Auction. It's really hard to describe what it's like. But I really had a great time people watching and enjoying the human drama unfolding around us.All the boys in the "front room" at the Caldwell Auction: Wes, Steve, the Writing Guy, Dennis, and Rex
The Crockpot with some of his new "stuff"
The Mrs. and the folks in the "front room"

The Mrs. scored me some gorgeous dishes - this whole set - was $15.00!! She is amazing! This camera phone picture doesn't do justice to these blueish greenish set of dishes.

Once the Crockpot was done bidding, we (meaning they) loaded the "stuff" and then we "tailgated" for quite a while. Talk about fun!!


Anonymous said...

Well it looks like a profitable evening in Caldwell. I still am using the $5 bike rack on the Jeep. I guess they didn't know what it was for. Give our love to the CrockPot and the Mrs. Wish we were there.


The ol'Coonster

Remember get up early to find the good stuff. (words to live by)

Trixie L'Amour said...

Can't tell you how much we wish we had been there, but we were out in the back 40 on the swing...We'll time our next trip to Boise to include a Thursday night, you can be sure. Thanks for the pix, and the update. We sure love that Crockpot and the Missus.