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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ocean's 13

Babysitting used to be so much fun...
Mom is enjoying her licorice - I hope.
Dad - I'm not sure why he's so surprised...
This is the display for the new Simpson's movie in the lobby. I can't take them anywhere.

For the record - Ocean's 13 is just a delightful film - and you should see it!


JudoChop said...

Dear Chanel-
Thank you for updating your whole life in one single day. In the future, if you could remember that I only have 1 hour to eat my taco salad (taco Tuesday!) and mindlessly surf the web. Thank you for yoiur consideration.
P.S. See you in a week
P.P.S speaking of tacos, good thing I have my own office now. oy-veh

Trixie L'Amour said...

Nice pictures of your parents! We didn't know they would end up on the interwebs, otherwise I would have had my hair done!