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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lounging in Layton...

The final leg of my post-graduation trip has brought me to Layton and the Malleys. I sure love being here with sweet babies and good friends.

We've taken naps, eaten great food, and met a beautiful golden lab puppy, named Bella.We're working on some sewing projects and we've gotten pedicures and tomorrow we're headed to Cherry Hill to play at the water park before I fly home.

It's amazing how fast the days fly by when I visit the Malleys.


Josh said...

The Malley's have a new puppy? Was taking care of newborn twins not enough for them? Those people have some endurance....Glad you had fun! Sorry we missed you.

Reyna said...

oh snap! No we do NOT have a new puppy....we just had a visit from a friend with one.

We miss you Chanel. come back.