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Monday, June 18, 2007

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day was awesome. I loved it! I mean I already love ceremonies - so I was in heaven! But the best part was that my family could stay home and watch all the proceedings on TV and see me far better than if they'd fought traffic to get to the Rose Garden Arena, sat in less than comfy chairs, etc - and it's on our TiVo so we can watch it again and again.

For those of you who don't know I planned my graduation party as a garden party - in our backyard - outside - in Portland, Oregon. Our family has been religious in watching the weather reports - and things looked "okay" for Saturday, June 16. Not great, not hot, but okay for a garden party. So you must know how heartbroken I was when I walked out of graduation (15 minutes early, I might add) and it started to rain...hard. I called the folks at home and said that "we were moving inside, huh?" But Mom told me that it was clear at our house - and we were still on for the outdoor event. I drove home - and just as I pulled into the driveway - it started to sprinkle. And this is at the same time as the canopy of pink pom-poms was being hoisted into place. Imagine tissue paper pom-poms in the rain. Yeah. About this same time our ward's missionaries arrived. **As a complete side note: we had a new missionary because Elder Humphries, a recent transfer into our ward, was sent home due to his allergies/asthma. Elder Meyers was new in our ward on Saturday and he and Elder Devaney were going to go and meet folks in the ward.** Elder Devaney asked what they could do to help and my Mother asked them to pray for the rain to stop - and they did. And while they were praying - it did stop raining. And then it started again - raining harder. So we started making Plan B and working the house around to have the party indoors. But my Mom and Dad kept at the outdoor plans - knowing that it would stop raining. And it did. The missionaries ran around wiping off the tables and chairs and putting out tablecloths.

And we had one beautiful party. I had such a great time - and I think I got a little bit of a sunburn on my cheeks! YEAH!
MacGyver gets the final canopy string in place
Just after the rain...
Elder Meyers and me getting table cloths in place
Setting everything out - look at the sun!!
Kristy Giles and me enjoying the sun! A Christmas miracle!!
My dear friend, Tammy Gomez, made me an elegant cake for my party
This cake has coconut and fresh strawberry and the top is champagne cake
Mom on the porch - greeting our guests...
So many beautiful people at the party
The party winds down and we put our feet up!
My portrait and the lovely, generous gifts from friends
The hardest working party crew this side of the Mississippi - AMAZING
All done table cloths - and yes, that sky is beautiful!
The after glow of the party - what a delightful success!!

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Josh said...

Chanel - so lovely! I wish would could have been there. What a classy, beautiful event. Congreats!