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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More info...

I realized that after my last post I didn't more fully describe the National Bingo Night(NBN) experience.

From ABC.com:
"In each episode, three high action Bingo games are played in-studio, with the viewing public invited to play along for a chance to win tens of thousands of prizes...n each game, a contestant will try his/her luck, racing against the studio audience as balls numbered from 1-75 are randomly selected from a giant sphere set in a high-tech "Bingo Plex" arena. The studio audience will track the numbers on their own Bingo cards for a chance to win cash and prizes and send the contestant home empty-handed.

Millions of viewers will also be able to play along at home by printing out free cards via ABC.com. Viewers can log on and print out game cards. Each time a person prints, he/she will get three pages, one for each game that is played per episode telecast (a Red, White and Blue card). Each game card has three Bingo grids on it, allowing the participant three chances to win per card. Online winners are not competing against the clock; those who get a Bingo from the numbers called for each Red, White or Blue game on the corresponding cards can log on to ABC.com after the broadcast and enter the serial number from their card to verify their winning card. Viewers at home who get five numbers up and down, across or diagonally will be eligible for the grand prize drawing for that game.

Ed Sanders will host and Sunil Narkar ("Commissioner Sunil") will serve as co-host."

Now - the best part isn't the playing along - which is great. The best part is Commissioner Sunil - who makes it look like he's some Bingo official...but really - he's just saying "NO BINGO!" and being awesome. You can see him in action at this site.

Get your daubers ready - only three more days to NBN!

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