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Monday, December 25, 2006

You'd better not pout...

What a wonderful Christmas this has been. We had our traditional Christmas Eve Nachos and opened gifts. Geoff and Dad were exhausted from working all day. Mom and I were exhausted from working all day. We were in bed by midnight with visions of sugar stuff...and stuff... This morning we went renegade caroling which involves speeding from house to house and singing and practically throwing our gift at the recipients. Super fun!! At our last stop we were invited to stay for a breakfast buffet. Now we are home and enjoying the restfulness...and togetherness. Merry Christmas to ALL!
The family before we open our gifts
Mom getting more gear to support her "boy," Peyton Manning
Perhaps you've seen the Little Giant Ladder System?
Geoff was the stealthy elf getting Mom a new TV for her room
And now he's worn out from all his holiday stealthing!
Mom's beautiful new ring...WOW!!
A "caroling" stop at the Maxwell's. Who is already dressed at 8:30 a.m.?!
A stop at the Boland's house. Hopefully they hear from their Peru missionary this afternoon!
The Grahams were waiting for us...scary, right?!
Speeding through the streets of Beaverton, squeeling tires and everything!
The Boersmas were so great to host an amazing and festive breakfast
Dad and Don Nelson have a handy trick for dealing with their pant legs that are a little long.

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Josh said...

Ohh....I want a Little Giant Ladder System!! If my store makes its December bonus, I'm gonna buy one. Anyone want to spend a few thousand dollars at the Park City Oshkosh?