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Monday, December 18, 2006

Fully Festive...GO.

We've had the house decorated for Christmas since the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But we don't like to get a tree that early, I guess for fear of it drying out. We already have enough potted plants that need regular care, we don't need a forest exchange student, you know? We usually get our tree around the 10th, as another holiday activity. We've gone to tree lots and we also enjoy the the tree farm experience.

But this year, we've had recoveries and sickies and lazies and getting our tree kept getting put off. So last night, my Dad and I headed out in search of tree lots that would be open on a Sunterday evening. I must say that I was a little nervous, but we figured we go as far away from our house as we could and then work our way back, passing several lots on the way. We would for sure find SOMETHING, right?! The first lot we went to was closed, but we don't think it was open at all yesterday, so I feel okay about that. Our next stop - was a WINNER!! Within ten minutes we had our tree picked out, paid for, and on the roof of our car!! Those Christmas tree guys were fast! The infirmed members of our family made sure that the tree spot was ready for our arrival. Thanks to the full team effort, we now are fully prepared for Christmas. YEAH!

1 comment:

TirixeLamour said...

Forest Exchange Student! I GET IT!!
Very nice.
I must say the picture doesn't do full justice to the true beauty of the lighted tree, tho......
It looks vurry, vurry purty tonight....