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Friday, December 8, 2006

100th Post!

This makes my 100th post. That's a great milestone!

I am going to read through my paper one more time in the morning, make final revisions and print it for the last time. Then I'm turning it in and will repeat the procrastinators prayer: "I will NEVER put a project like that off until the last minute again...and this time I mean it. Amen."

In preparation for the Ladies Luncheon tomorrow, Mom and I went searching for hats. There are people in this world who cannot wear hats...and my mom is one of them. The good news is she isn't trying to be somthing she's not and just putting a dumb looking hat on her head and flying a banner that says "Mission Accomplished." We decided to create a hat piece, which is really nothing more than an embellished headband, so we went with that...adding some maribu clips and some faux flowers. I'll post another picture of the whole look tomorrow - but I think this is so great!! And it works perfectly with her hair!


sarahdavemalcolm said...

100, you go girl!

P & L said...

Whoa...I can't even imagine 100.

The hat piece is adorable, and looks even better on.

What's your paper about?