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Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Stratford House

In Hillsboro, Oregon we have a lovely tearoom called The Stratford House. This place is cozy and has dress up items like hats and boas. Because when you go for a tea party yous gots to dress up big! So our party today included a lovely lunch, an ornament exchange and a hat contest. This was the first year for the hat contest, so the other ladies just grabbed whatever hat was handy...but Mom's hat was great.

Trixie in her award-winning hat (Most Whimsical)

Grace and Lynn...I assure you they were having a great time...

Georgine and Sue waiting for lunch to arrive...

While I didn't wear a hat, I did wear my exact replica of the Miss America crown - and no one can say much of anyone who can sport a crown.

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