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Monday, June 25, 2012


I know that summer is officially here because the lady in our office who is constantly updating people about the current weather said so.  Other clues have included:

- Evening trips to the pool with all my favorite party people.
- Seeing growth in the garden.
- Hot, sweaty yard work. For the record: thistle is the Tualatin of plants.
- Nearly weeping with joy as I ate a Lime Fruit Flo from Trader Joe's. 
- The fact that the only grass that's green is the patch under the trampoline where the "sprinkler under the trampoline" magic happens. 
- There are about 23 people at church each week - but it's never the same 23.
- Wearing flip-flops to work - and giggling about all the sucker-fools working at summer camps are wearing socks and closed-toed shoes.
- Going to a Cubs game and teasing people from Detroit. 
- I keep trying to turn the air conditioning in my car up to 11.

- The fact that I've got 3 pairs of sunglasses, each that cost $3.00 or less.

What about you?  Has summer arrived?  How do you know?


Beej said...

The Magic Kingdom is taken over by Brazilian tour groups.

Trixie L'Amour said...

Still waiting for summer...from last year...it's cold, rainy and very damp...but I'm still wearing flip flops