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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sheet on the bed!?

Sheets are one of my causes.  I believe that everyone should have high quality sheets and frankly, that they should be ironed before they are put on the bed.  I'm sad to confess that I don't have the time to press the sheets anymore.  Obviously I don't sleep as well, but what can you do?

I also take pride in folding sheets and storing them in packets so that you can just grab a whole set at once, instead of having to rifle through the linen closet hoping to come up with a complete sheet compliment on laundry day.  I feel like I did a decent job with the fitted sheets, but they were always just a little off - until the other night.  Thank goodness for the interwebs and people who have enough time on their hands to make picture tutorials like this:

I was missing the critical step of folding the sheet in thirds!  Now - perfection.  WHEW.  I can sleep a little better at night on my scratcheldy sheets.

I will also say that I disagree with this style of sheet storage:
Trying to slide the whole bundle into one of the pillowcases seems like so much more work, plus - you have to rummage through the pillowcase to ensure that everything is there.  I say nay, Martha.  Also - who has THAT many extra sheet sets?  Really?!  Really.

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Trixie L'Amour said...

I never thought of folding in thirds...that makes so much more sense...this old dog just learned a new trick...THANKS!

Beej said...

Seems great in theory, but that picture doesn't instruct me. I need tutoring. Please set up some time for me when I visit Shorewood.