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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I know - I know...

I know that I have no real credentials as to be telling you what to watch - since I barely watch about 2.5 hours of TV a week.  BUT: you should watch Sherlock.  If you like any kind of clever television, this show will not disappoint.
There are a total of six 90 minute episodes - the first three available on Netflix, the other three on PBS.org or via iTunes.

Once Downton Abby was done, I needed something to fill the Anglophile hole in my heart.  Sherlock was the perfect answer.  Oddly though - I ended up watching the last two episodes first, so it was all a little jumbly for a bit.  But THEN: I got strep throat during my trip to visit my family.  Getting strep throat was awful for so many different reasons - but since I play the Glad Game like Pollyanna, the only good news was that I could lay in my mom's bed and watch Sherlock for hours.   But really - that was the only good thing.  Missing out on being with my family was bollocks.  Even worse was knowing that I'd kissed my brother's baby Wyatt - a lot.  But again, the good news is that Geoff and Alexis are still willing to talk to me, so I don't think I gave my nephew amoebic dysentery.  And that's the dog's bollocks!

A word to the wise: I had spotty WiFi while trying to stream an episode when I was waiting for a flight in the Phoenix airport recently and so I will say to make sure you have a strong connection to the interwebs if you're going to stream it.  Trying to watch a mystery when every 2 minutes the video buffers will likely make you fully insane.

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Trixie L'Amour said...

So, now I will add Sherlock to my list of new shows...thank you!