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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A note from me to you

I'm not sure how much I believe in Karma overall - but I do believe in mail karma and missionary karma.  I firmly believe that good mail will come to you if you send good mail out.  Bills will find you either, way - so whatevs.  I love to send mail and to get mail.  It just brightens my day to have put a card in the mail - or to open a sweet note from a friend.  But sometimes I don't have all the stuff in the same place when I'm ready to send a thoughtful note or acknowledge a big accomplishment.  This is where Paperless Post comes in.  They have elegant digital cards and stationary and invitations so that you look like a class act, even if it IS technically an e-card.

Everything is customizable and I think I've talked about Paperless Post before - but now they have an app for the iPhone!!  (I don't know about other alleged "smart" phones - you know where my loyalties lie)  This app allows you to customize cards and notes - including pictures from your phone making them extra personal and extra awesome.  The app will also allow you to see all the items you've sent out via the website.  Now, I will say that the app is still in beta testing, so maybe more features will be coming.  But for now - do yourself a favor and send a note to someone today.  The first person you think of, just send them a quick note or e-card or actual real live mail.  The card doesn't have to be fancy, but the message will have a big impact. I PROMISE.

PS - if you're sending me a card - please include when you're coming to visit me.

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Trixie L'Amour said...

You got the "Thoughtful" gene that skipped me...lots of good intentions, even with a Paperless Post account...goon on ya!