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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Does anyone really eat a full candy bar anymore?  I know they make the giant king sized awesomeness - but really that's just designed to make you popular at Halloween, right?  Seeing candy bars in the grocery store makes me wonder - do people buy them?  And if yes, are they over the age of 15?
I propose that the best candy bar is the Milky Way Midnight Dark, but, what say you?  There are no wrong answers here....unless you say "Bit O Honey" or "Salted Nut Roll" - because - what?!  NO. 


Ken Craig said...

Chanel, I don't buy big-sized candy bars. But I'll buy a bag of mini candy bars...and eat them all! (I am so ashamed. I think.) And Milky Ways with dark choc? Yes ma'am. Far, far superior.

Beej said...

I ate a Twix today. Both pieces. From a vending machine. Word!

Trixie L'Amour said...

I was just about to say Salted Nut Roll, but I guess I won't do it after all...if I can't list my Salty old friend, I guess I'll go with a Snickers...if I I was at a truck stop with unlimited funds...I guess it would still be a Snickers bar....fun size...no jumbo...