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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why I love Primary OR the BEST 2.50 I ever spent...

Today in Primary we did a review of all the songs for the program in the Fall. This can be very painful if not properly motivated...so I decided that for each song, the kids would choose a funny article of clothing for a member of the bishopric (Matt Peterson, to be exact) to put on. But the key is that they have to sing well enough (loud, smiling, knowing the words) to EARN the clothes for Brother Peterson. Here is the final product:Matt, the goofiest evil villain in the Junior Primary. (He's the tall one, btw)
Reading the minds of the Senior Primary kids...

Needless to say, they sang great. A few verses of songs need some work, but overall - HOORAY!! Now, you must be asking yourself - "Is Brother Peterson normally rockin' that awesome 'stache?" The answer is no. I got that mustache at a cute children's bookshop while in Seattle. And it may possibly be the BEST $2.50 I have EVER SPENT!!
It comes in a box - like this. And you can see that you can pose it in many different styles! You can buy one here.
And I think that Corky Flanders looks AMAZING!


Trixie L'Amour said...

Hey there...we don't cotton to no strangers 'round here.......sarsparilla????

sarah starr said...

That is AWESOME! I'll sing for your primary.