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Friday, July 6, 2007

Other things to do...but...

Being without my own laptop gave me a lot of time to think of things that I could only do on my computer - like posting some of my favorite interweb finds on my blog. Please do enjoy:

Go check out Dressing Up Floppie. Clowns are creepy and/or lame. This site has so many possibilities and such a sad clown. So seriously - go and get this poor clown some clothes. You can have him playing a kickin' axe or a banjo and wearing all kinds of different rocker gear.Delightful!

If you haven't browsed through Fishs Eddy then you are missing out on some really cool dishes and other gifty items.
Right now they are having a big sale on all their Hula dishes. But really, I just want their Brooklynese "Shugah" bowl - it tickles my fancy!

Finally - I saw this and thought it was so cool, especially because it was used by EcoChallenge racers: Hennessy Hammocks are lightweight camping hammocks - so instead of a sleeping in a tent on the rocky, bumpy ground - you sleep in a comfy hammock in a tent. SO great!

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