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Monday, July 30, 2007

The hip bone's connected to the PAIN

So, one of the perks of being the driver at camp is that you never have to walk the long distances around camp...but the downside is that you have to sit in a vehicle...a lot. Last Friday, I drove in a caravan with Katie Johnson out to the Mt Bachelor area of Oregon to pick up the Outpost unit who was backpacking and camping there for four days. The drive is pretty, until you get to the ugly part.

We left really early - and would have had an hour to kill (and stretch and walk around) before meeting our group at the trail head. But they arrived early and so we stopped long enough to get their gear in Katie's car and the peeps on the bus. And then we drove the FOUR HOURS back to camp. Eight hours, pretty much non-stop, driving the bus has left my lower back screaming. So, I can lounge (which I prefer anyway) but I cannot sit for longer than 10 minutes without trouble.

Massage, STAT!

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