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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A soup exchange...

Okay...raise your hand if you like soup.


Okay...now raise your hand if you would want to be part of a soup exchange party?


The folks over at Whipped are having their second annual soup exchange, and I'm just wondering how many folks would want to participate? You can read all of the details over at Whipped. Comment or e-mail me if you'd wanna join. And if you're not local - you should totally organize one in your neighborhood. People love soup.


Josh said...

Sign me up. We love soup.

First I typed soap. We love soap, too. But a soap exchange just doesn't sound as exciting...

Malia said...

That sounds "soup"er!!!

Bilbo said...

Everyone loves soup. And, everyone uses soap to make them smell better. Don't you think that more men would be attracted to women who use soup scented soaps? ...no one steal my ideas.