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Thursday, November 8, 2007

November diary....

Dear diary -

Today I'm loving the smell of the foggy morning. And evening. It's foggy and I love it. It's so cool to feel like you're the only one around...

Today I'm loving the sound of Christmas music. I've started putting together mixes for holiday parties, in the car, and for my Dad at work. It is so much fun to listen to the music and get in the spirit of the season...even if it's a little early.

Today I'm loving the taste of bottled creme soda...and spending a "night" with good friends and laughing a lot and learning a lot...and not really playing any games but not being bothered by not actually learning to play pinochle.

Today I'm loving the sight of the cool paper models of real life things in the Real Simple magazine. Pick yourself up a copy and take a look - paper pumpkin pie? Yes, please.

Today I'm loving the feel of clean bath mats and fresh sheets. Why is it so comforting to step onto a clean bath mat and slide between clean sheets?! I don't know, but it is.

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