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Friday, November 16, 2007

D.U.P. Luncheon

On Wednesday was our third ever meeting of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers...and my mom and I and another lady, Kaleen, were in charge of the luncheon! It turned out so great! We got tons of compliments and recipe requests...and we won't have to even volunteer to do it again until next year!
Mom preps the sweet potatoes for warming and then marshmallow toasting
Miss Five preps the salad...in her beautiful apron what she got for her birthday
The spread: ham (on a lovely platter, spinach salad with bleu cheese and bacon, sweet potatoes with toasted marshmallows on top, and of course, rolls! We also got a lot of compliments on the presentation of our lunch. At the past two meetings, the luncheon committee just set things out in their dish and called it a day. We used some lovely brow place mats, an autumnal runner and a ceramic pumpkin to make the buffet look as appetizing as possible.
In our D.U.P. camp, there is the luncheon committee and then other people are assigned to decorate the tables...this was so festive and simple...loved it!
Mom and Miss Five, pleased as punch with our success. And ready for naps!


Granelda Thudpucker said...

The camp is lucky to have the two of you. Great job. WAY TO GO!!!

KreativeMix said...

yum yum yum

MarySquare said...

Hey, can you move to my ward and be my Enrichment Committee leader, or be my Visiting Teaching Coordinator?