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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Premier week...

I don't watch as much television as many of my friends and family - but Marfa (our TiVo) has been working round the clock to make sure we get the right of first refusal with the new television shows...as well as welcoming back our old favorites.

Up for consideration in the new season:
Pushing Daisies

So far, I've only watched Chuck and Journeyman - both on Monday night on NBC. Chuck is going to be delightful and a very welcome addition to the weekly line-up. Chuck looks exactly like one of my friends - and I really love Captain Awesome.

As for you, Journeyman. I was hoping it would be more like The Time Traveler's Wife and less like Quantum Leap - mainly because while I loved QL, but it's been done. A time traveling Mr. Fix-it? Seen it. The only difference here is that instead of Ziggy it's an iPhone. Sad. Also, tv-show-wise: the premise took way too long to set up - the pacing was way off - and come on, after one two-day disappearance you've called for an intervention? Right.

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