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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Malley Cats....

I spent a week with the Malleys - and as always it was AWESOME. We ate things and talked about things and sat on things and burned things and laughed at things and watched other things. The Malleys gave me an amazing cupcake book - and CHERRY CHIP CAKE mixes and some perfect and easy to use silicone cups for making cupcakes...which I did. Such a great gift - that will keep on giving, I assure you!! They always keep the coke and grenadine on tap for me and that makes life worth living. These peeps make me laugh. And miss them. Malleys, I salute you.
Seth, dancing in the kitchen
Bennett - being so darn cute!
Sweet Penny
Lincoln - looking surprised to be a nudie-pants
Bennett - eating a rawesome cupcake - or being robbed for that cupcake. Please note the inch of juice in my glass. I have a problem.

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